Starting a business comes with a whole lot of learning curves. Most of the people on our team started their own from scratch. No business degree. No Experience. Just an idea. 
With endless tabs open on our computer screens, notes written, information bookmarked, all we wanted to know was:
• What steps are important? 
• What steps are we missing?
• How can we prevent having to go back and complete the steps that were missed?
Months and months (in some cases years) went by researching information to ensure that we felt educated enough to pursue our dreams, confident enough to move forward, and had accurate systems in place to conquer our tasks with ease. More time had been spent trying to figure out what we needed to begin than into actually enjoy the process of beginning. Some of us continued down our original paths and went on to lead successful businesses, some of us became more obsessed with the research and went on to become business consultants, and some of us became passionate about the day-to-day tasks of running a business and went on to fulfilling administrative and bookkeeping careers. No matter the path taken, it always stuck in the back of our minds:

"How can we create a more seamless introduction to starting and running a business or brand, and also provide easy-to-reach resources for people like us?"

With the passion and knowledge we've gained over the years we decided to create a simple and easily accessible system that will help others who have the same kind of dream and drive as we do! And so was born Canada's Small Business Guide, a step-by-step and interactive handbook that leads you through all the important steps required to fully understand all the ins and outs of your business, keep your important information in one document, and enjoy the process of learning everything you need to know while being confident that you're headed down the right path.


We also wanted to add to the list of important information to supply to other soon-to-be Canadian entrepreneurs:
• Quick downloadable files that are needed to run your business
• Direction to the most easily useable and Free Programs to implement day-to-day systems
Business Builder Packages that are professional, affordable and delivered in a timely manner. 

And so, we followed our own advice. Using the small business guide we had built, we created Start Now Canada (the blog that you're on now!)

This website is brought to you by Start Now & Canada's Small Business Guide

Our Promise

   We promise to never advise you toward something we haven't used ourselves.
✓   We will never give you information about a program that we are not currently using to run this website and all things associated with it.
✓   We will work with you towards succeeding with the same passion and attention that you hold for your business.

Our Goal

Our goal is to give you the most easily attainable and best resources, systems and information so you can quickly attain the freedom of running your own business (and all that comes with it.)

Get rid of your doubts and fears, you're in the right place.