Canada's Small Business Guide (E-Book)

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The thought of taking the first step towards building the business you've been dreaming about can seem overwhelming, especially if you don't know where to start and don't have a solid system in place. From beginning to launch and beyond, this book leads you through each step you need to take to start your business from scratch. From defining your vision and laying out your procedures, identifying your legal needs to building your marketing plan, this step-by-step and interactive handbook will help you build a strong foundation and encourage you to move forward with confidence and ease. Canada's Small Business Guide is for aspiring Canadian entrepreneurs and small business owners who are passionate, ambitious, determined, and eager to lead their business idea down the road toward success.


• 15+ Informational Pages

• 30+ Interactive Worksheets

• Professional Tips & Business Analysis Tools

✓   Identify your market and customers/clients
✓   Create your Business Canvas
✓   Understand your legal requirements
✓   Build your brand
✓   Layout a marketing strategy

Use your e-book the way that suits you best. Canada's Small Business Guide (E-Book) was created on an interactive .pdf format that allows you to manually check off the checkboxes and type directly onto the page. 

How to Use:

• Open with a pdf reader or your browser and input your answers directly onto the worksheets to save all of your information in one simple and easy-to-navigate document. *Always make sure to save your document after editing*


• Type your answers directly onto the worksheets and then copy & paste the information into your own separate documents.


• Use the worksheets as a guide and complete all of your answers on separate documents in your own format.

Canada's Small Business Guide and supplies the resources you need and ushers you through the process so you can START your business NOW. Together they will help you navigate the journey of starting or enhancing your business and take your ideas from unguided processes to successful reality.

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